We were on the edge of our seats as Hartpury Rugby began their first Championship game. Having been sponsored by MF Freeman for the last couple of years we were incredibly proud to see the boys giving it their all live on Sky TV.


John Barnes, Hartpury's director of rugby, has said - “A lot of people have worked so hard over the past few years to get Hartpury where we are now. Playing in the Championship is very much a tribute to those guys – we are the lucky ones to be playing live on TV, but we are going to be out there doing our best for everyone connected with Hartpury rugby.”


Tusi Pisi of Bristol Rugby is tackled by Jacob Perry of Hartpury


Heading into the Championship, the pressure was on in their first game against Bristol (who were relegated from the Premiership last season and firm favourites to win the Championship this year), but Hartpury were in the lead at the end of the first half of the game and proved that they have earned their place at this level of rugby. As Bristol went down to 13 men, Hartpury worked hard to run home their advantage coming in at half time leading by one point.


Hartpury's Murphy, Tanner and Harden showed their strength at the front line as a number of scrum penalties went their way. Unfortunately as the game drew to an end, Bristol were the victors, however Hartpury left with the well deserved respect of both sides.


John Barnes has spoken of the team's disappointment at the final score however believes they showed a strong defence and are looking onwards to facing Jersey next week.


Everybody here at MF Freeman are sure the team will grow from strength to strength and after such a successful past there are many victories to be seen in the future.

Tusi Pisi of Bristol Rugby is tackled by Jacob Perry of Hartpury

Luke Morahan of Bristol Rugby opens the score sheet

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