MF Freeman Group Joint CEO Luke Freeman was delighted to be invited to Highgrove Royal Gardens this week to present to a visiting Chinese delegation. Organised in partnership by Quolux and Join in China, the event brought together a group of prominent businesspeople from Beijing with a group of MBA Leading Business alumni. This delegation was the first of many anticipated to make the visit as part of an education and training programme for Chinese businesses in the property development, conservation and urban and rural planning sectors.

The day, which began with a visit to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester and ended with a tour of the Prince of Wales’ famous gardens, was a great success. Luke gave his unique perspective on the housing market in the UK. As a leading regional housebuilder, a landowner, a construction business and with a strong agricultural heritage that continues to this day, MF Freeman is well-placed to offer thought-provoking insight into this topical subject.

The presentation ranged across a wealth of discussion points, including the need for development in the UK, the appetite of the consumer to own their own home, creating sustainable communities and how MF Freeman invests good dividends back into both the areas in which it develops and the company. He also provided an illuminating overview of the company’s values, culture and mission of ‘Building for a Better Future’. This ethos is integrated into the way in which the business operates in the wider world, and is woven through every aspect of its operations. It is a business model that has assured the company year-on-year growth for five consecutive years in recent history, with a strong pipeline of projects established across all its divisions to carry into the future.



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