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Building for a better future, sustainably.

MF Freeman are striving towards becoming one of the region’s leading sustainable construction and housebuilding companies, both through responsible and efficient business operations, and considerately developing sustainable places to live for current and future generations.

 A family business comprising three generations, our mission is building for a better future’, which underpins everything that we do, and headlines our commitment to integrate sustainability into our long-term business strategy.

Our Group Vision is ‘to be highly renowned for our quality, excellent service and adding value, building sustainable communities and creating a positive impact on society’; and in 2019 we developed a framework of five company pillars to create key focus areas that we can deliver our vision through: Service, Product, Places, Operations and People.


MF Freeman are committed to operating a responsible business that develops sustainable communities and environments through ethical working practices. We continually review how we can further improve the sustainability of our developments and operations, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Design & Specification

From the first stages of the design process, we consider all aspects of a scheme with an emphasis on sustainability to: maximise green open spaces, retain trees and hedgerows, design effective and sustainable drainage systems, commission detailed flood risk assessments, and use sustainable construction methods that provide highly effective insulation. We are introducing electrical car charging points to all future developments.

Internally, the specification of our properties includes energy-efficient, A+ rated appliances and sanitaryware to reduce water and energy use. From April 2021 we are removing gas hobs from our specification and replacing them with electric hobs and optional induction hobs.

Sustainable Construction

We keep abreast of the most effective and sustainable methods across everything we do and timber frame construction is a method we choose for its substantial advantages. From heightened thermal efficiencies and reduced maintenance, to having the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material, being sustainably sourced from managed forests and extremely robust and durable, timber frame construction is a highly sustainable construction method.

Partnering with responsible suppliers    

We partner with suppliers that are committed to sustainable manufacturing and operating approaches. We carefully select suppliers based on their proven sustainability commitments and aligned environmental policies, as well as the quality of their products and services. Our kitchen supplier, Symphony Kitchens, are a prime example:

Case Study: Symphony Kitchens

Symphony source over 30% of their core product materials from within a one hour’s drive of their factory; availability of sustainable materials is the cornerstone of their purchasing strategy.

They work to BREEAM standards, a leading environment assessment method, and the kitchens are designed to ‘eko Design’ principles, ensuring improved environmental performance.

Packaging is minimised without compromising protection, and reusable protective blankets are used wherever possible.

The Symphony fleet of vehicles are among the most fuel efficient on the UK’s roads with Bluetec Euro 6 Mercedes Actros utilising the latest fuel technology which converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, reducing carbon emissions.

Wildlife & Green Spaces

Our developments are designed to maximise shared, green, open spaces and incorporate wildlife friendly features that support biodiversity. Many of our schemes feature bird and bat boxes to encourage nesting birds and provide roosting sites for bats; and hedgehog-friendly fencing is installed allowing hedgehogs to move freely between gardens. 

Recycling & Water Conservation

Significant recycling of waste materials and packaging during the construction of each home takes place. Ample storage both within and outside of the properties are provided for recycling, and ease of access to recycling collection points assists in the reduction of waste entering landfill sites.

We are installing water butts in all of our future developments to recycle rain water which has no added-chemicals, reduces demand on water supply and run-off into drainage. Our customers are offered a compost bin as standard which on average reduces household waste by one third.

Renewable Energy

We constantly review the energy required to operate our homes and incorporate renewable energy systems and technologies within our designs. We have successfully used air source heat pumps in rural locations to avoid reliance on fossil fuels. We have incorporated Solar PV and energy storage, allowing excess energy produced by the system to be used at a later stage, into a number of our upcoming developments, and continue to research new sustainable energy technologies and innovations for all developments.

A sustainable operation

We operate a sustainably conscious business and embed sustainable values within our teams. Our offices are heated and cooled using renewable energy technologies, all new company cars will be electric and research into electrically-operated plant machinery on site has begun.

We are committed to developing a robust Sustainability Framework for 2021+ will soon be available which will outline measurable targets with a view to long-term benefits.